How to Apply

COVID-19: Implications for UGAR programs

该following apply toALL乌格计划(下面包括具体计划的附加政策):

  • 旅行: the College has imposed a travel ban on both domestic and international travel. UGAR will not consider any applications for research that involve travel until the ban has been lifted. Students should not submit applications for travel waivers as those will be denied. Note that UGAR may extend its ban on funding international travel even if the college lifts the institutional ban.
  • 校园访问: access to Dartmouth-affiliated buildings and facilities, including libraries and research labs, is restricted to undergraduates who are approved by the College for on campus enrollment.
  • bob体育在哪下载研究实验室: undergraduates who are approved by the College for on campus enrollmentmayhave access to some research labs but NOT for research with faculty affiliated with Geisel or Tuck. Access to research labs requires special permission, and students may not engage in lab-based research until they have secured the relevant permissions and sent confirmation of approval to UGAR. Information about the restrictions and procedure for requesting research lab access is detailed in thepolicy on undergraduate research for academic year 2020-2021
  • 学生状态:如果学生因任何原因(良好的站立)退出学院,他们在撤回的条款期间他们没有资格获得乌加尔计划。如果学生在特定术语中接受了八个型友情计划,但在该术语期间退出大学,他们必须立即联系乌加。看看College webpage on withdrawals想要查询更多的信息。


  • Remote research: students living on or off campus, whether enrolled in classes or on a leave term, are eligible to engage in remote research. Students are not eligible if they are withdrawn from the college for any reason, even if the withdrawal is in good standing. If any element of the research involves in-person interaction or access to locations outside of a student's current residential location, students will need to justify the necessity of these elements and provide details about safety protocols and permissions.
  • 校园研究:只有校园批bob体育在哪下载准的学生的选项。如果研究的任何元素涉及人员的互动或访问实验室bob体育在哪下载或其他校园空间,则学生需要为这些要素的必要性辩护,并提供有关安全协议和权限的详细信息

Research grants and fellowships
(Leave term grants, honors thesis grants, conference travel grants, Senior Fellowships, Stamps Scholarships, E.E. Just Fellowships, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowships)

  • Leave terms: No funding for leave term research on campus (for specific guidelines about UGAR leave term grants, see the应用程序画布网站
  • 注册校园内的条款:校园研究资金只是校园内批准的学生的选择。bob体育在哪下载学生必须为涉及人员互动和/或访问校园设施(包括实验室)的校园研究的任何元素提供理由。bob体育在哪下载学生还必须确认他们已获得适当的权限,并将遵循已建立的安全协议。


Research grants

应用程序留下术语and荣誉论文research are accepted in the 5th week of the term immediately before the research term (due by 11:59pm). Note that the recommendation request form should be submitted至少一周之前到申请截止日期to ensure that your faculty mentor has adequate time to complete the recommendation form before the application deadline.Late applications will NOT be accepted for any reason

  • October 14, 2020(for winter term research)
  • 2021年2月10日(用于春季期限研究)bob体育在哪下载
  • 4月28日,2021年4月28日(夏季学期研究)bob体育在哪下载
  • 7月28日,2021年(用于秋季学期)bob体育在哪下载



学生们apply for funding the term before the one in which they intend to engage in the research. Late applications are NOT accepted, and funding will not be awarded retroactively or for applications submitted in the same term as the research. If you have questions about the program or the application process, contact UGARbefore申请截止日期。

**去含u应用帆布网站for instructions and links to the application submission system.


  • Application form
  • bob体育在哪下载研究计划
  • Itemized budget and budget justification
  • Recommendation from faculty research advisor (requested and submitted via online system) must be submitted one week before the application deadline.


  • 补助金为与荣誉论文研究直接相关的费用,因此奖励金额基于逐项预算和预算理由。bob体育在哪下载
  • If you are applying for expenses that will occur during the winter interim, you may either apply in the summer or in the fall. Award checks will not be available until 3-4 weeks after the application deadline, so be sure to plan accordingly.
  • 咨询您的教师研究顾问,以确定您的项目是否需要审查bob体育在哪下载委员会Protection of Human Subjects。该review process can be lengthy so if there is any chance that your project will require review, submit your materials to CPHS as early as possible (on or before the UGAR deadline).
  • If you are proposing to travel to a country on the US State Department Travel Warning list, you need to提交旅行豁免申请乌加截止日期或之前。


  • 提案长度应为4-6页(双间距)。此页面限制不包括引用,附加数字等。不包括封面。
  • Your proposal should be written in such a way that it is comprehensible to non-experts in the field.
  • Detailed proposal and budget guidelines are on the UGAR applications Canvas site (link available at the start of each term).


  • 申请截止日期后2-4周宣布提供资金决定。
  • 此通知截止日期通常是申请D-Plan变化的截止日期之后。如果您申请休假期限授予,请考虑接收与对您的D-PLAN的影响而收到授予的影响。请参阅注册商的网站以获取信息和截止日期,以提交入学员的变更://
  • If your plans change and you are not able to conduct the project in the term for which you received funding, you may not defer the funding to a subsequent term. If the project is unchanged, you do not need to submit a new application, but your application will be reviewed again, along with the applications for that next term.